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Medical Knowledge for Working Men and Women 

Industrious men and women around the country wake up every morning and get their hands dirty doing what they love. Many of these industries involve time outdoors or around heavy machinery, where safety is paramount.

Basic medical knowledge can empower people working in fields such as forestry, construction, boat building, landscaping, fishing, agriculture and others to face any unpredicted situations that may arise with confidence. 

Industrial Incident Medical Course (I.I.M.C.)

Basic I.I.M.C.

The I.I.M.C. was designed to provide those working in industrial environments medical knowledge to respond to
industrial accidents, whether a fellow worker or themselves.


Industrial work poses a number of complications in medical emergencies due to the heavy equipment involved and the environments they occur in.
When seconds count, be prepared and know what to do.

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Advanced I.I.M.C.

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Basic I.I.M.C.

Course Content

  • Assessing the big picture, mechanism of injury and the injured

  • Scene Safety & Control

  • Basic Vital signs & their meaning

  • Shock - prevention and recognition of

  • Triage

  • Controlling Bleeding

  • Stabilizing Fractures

  • Hypothermia & Hyperthermia - recognition & treatment

  • Head and spine trauma & Immobilization

  • Basic Extrication

  • Transportation of the injured

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