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Medical Knowledge for

First Responders 

First responders serve the critical role of sustaining and supporting the injured in their most vulnerable moments. The P.M.R course is a practical and focused review of how to effectively practice prehospital medicine in the field. The course is designed for the current first responder who desires to further hone their basic medical skills. 


Basic P.M.R.C

The P.M.R.C. is a down and dirty review of how to effectively practice pre-hospital medicine in the field.
It was designed for the first responder (E.M.S, F.F. or Law Enforcement) who desires to further hone
their basic medical skills by learning the tricks of the trade.


Accumulated over the past 30 years of
hands-on medical work here in the U.S. and abroad I am sure on completion of this course you will leave
with more than a few pearls in your pocket!

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Basic P.M.R.C.

Course Content


  • Responding to the scene - mental exercises

  • On scene Big picture

  • Stabilizing the scene - for patient and responders

  • Triage in P.H.C.

  • Pearls of Rapid assessment of Medical and Trauma patients

  • Shock - Recognizing the signs, Prevention, and treatment

  • Bleeding - Progressive & Aggressive bleeding control

  • Stabilizing fractures & Spinal injuries - know when & how

  • "M.T.O.S. - M.T.I.R." an acronym to live by!

  • "Shots Fired" - Responding to scenes of violent action

  • Emergency Services and you - how to maintain your own health and longevity in this field of operations

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