Medical Knowledge for Outdoor Enthusiasts 

Whether you're a hiker or a biker, rock climber or diver, hunter or snowboarder, guide or snowmobiler... you love the outdoors. 

And everyone who loves the outdoors should feel prepared and able to educate others on how to enjoy the outdoors safely to preserve the rich traditions we enjoy. 

Outdoor Enthusiast Medical Course (O.E.M.E.) 

Basic O.E.M.C.

The basic O.E.M.C. was designed to provide the participant with the foundational medial knowledge to
address a variety of common medical emergencies occurring in the great outdoors.

The course is an interactive learning environment, which combines lecture and practical hands on
experience. Be better prepared for the unexpected.

Advanced O.E.M.C.

Dive deeper into the understanding of trauma care in the great outdoors. Learn about cardiac care, fluid loss, 

Basic O.E.M.C.

Course Content


  • Scene safety and patient assessment

  • Vital signs - how to obtain/interpret

  • Head and spinal injuries

  • Recognizing & treating shock

  • Controlling bleeding

  • Wound Care

  • Treating sprains/strains

  • Stabilizing fractures

  • Prevention/treatment of Shock

  • Medical Emergencies

  • Transport

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